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Feb 11

It’s VC, Not Entrepreneurs, That Drive New Innovation

For obvious reasons, it’s true.  Yet, at the same time, it’s sad.  It seems we have taken a strange turn in the direction of business within the “tech sector”.  With more and more drive to be the most popular and highest funded contender, less and less about the actual business.  True, they go hand in hand; without one, there isn’t the other.  Still, I beg the question: how did companies ever survive before the invent and widespread, public use of the Internet?  Sure, there was still the idea of venture capital, but there wasn’t he broad idea of a world-wide market place.  To few, there were: the corporate conglomerates that had made it to that level.  But nowhere in the American entrepreneur’s mind did they consider the fact that their first market should be the entire world.  Rather, it usually started with their town.  Then to their zip code.  Further to their county, state and so on.  The change took place when the business landscape changed and the barriers to travel across the world and back instantaneously and transparently. We should really expect nothing less.  If given the chance to run faster, jump higher, lift more, eat more; we take it.  We’re human.  It’s our blessed nature to want more, take more and reach higher.  It’s one of the few things we know and do really well.  My question still stands though: why?  When you ask that question of yourself, you should see the doors that open. Continue reading →

Jan 11

It Takes (No) Money to Make Money.

In today’s age of fledging and cash rich Internet companies, it seems like a lot of entrepreneurs have lost focus of how to successfully obtain what it is they’re looking for. Is the spawn of your new company in the eye of profits and becoming a millionaire? Or, is your new company’s foundation based off your known expertise and passion? It seems over the past decade, it’s been more of the former than the latter. We all see and read of new companies without positive revenue streams being shoveled money every day. It’s easy to get lost in the glimmer of fortune in the wake of all of it. This entirely my point. The best road to success is to follow your passion, not the dollar you don’t yet have. When you do, the dollars will follow (we hope). It’s not a certainty of course, but it’s the fundamental catalyst any successful company needs to get their financial footing.  It’s only my opinion, but here are a few (more) thoughts to keep in mind when starting your new business; online or otherwise:

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Apr 10

Building an Internal Combustion Passion Engine

Perhaps one of the toughest challenges of running an organization with a large tech team is how to kindle the passion it takes to make great products.  Tougher still is understanding what it takes to foster this passion in the first place.  I’m not talking about the default actions it takes to make sure everyone on a team wakes up in the morning and has it in them to make it to their first meeting on time with a good attitude.  I’m talking about the passion that makes people think in the middle of the night about a problem.  The kind that keeps the best interest of the company in the forefront of their mind with all the decisions they make.  The fire that burns that makes you want to skip lunch to break through the solution you’re working on and if you do take a break, it’s spent excitedly cheering with your peers over yet another solved problem.  It’s true passion; it’s natural, unteachable and unbridled.

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