January, 2011

Jan 11

It Takes (No) Money to Make Money.

In today’s age of fledging and cash rich Internet companies, it seems like a lot of entrepreneurs have lost focus of how to successfully obtain what it is they’re looking for. Is the spawn of your new company in the eye of profits and becoming a millionaire? Or, is your new company’s foundation based off your known expertise and passion? It seems over the past decade, it’s been more of the former than the latter. We all see and read of new companies without positive revenue streams being shoveled money every day. It’s easy to get lost in the glimmer of fortune in the wake of all of it. This entirely my point. The best road to success is to follow your passion, not the dollar you don’t yet have. When you do, the dollars will follow (we hope). It’s not a certainty of course, but it’s the fundamental catalyst any successful company needs to get their financial footing. ┬áIt’s only my opinion, but here are a few (more) thoughts to keep in mind when starting your new business; online or otherwise:

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